Congratulations! Your Weekly Emails are Taken Care Of…

You’ve made a great choice – Sending Weekly Emails (that don’t sell anything!) is the greatest Nurture Asset you could wish for.

From this moment on, you’ll never be more than 7 days away from talking to your customers (and potential customers).

Weekly Emails are the ULTIMATE relationship builder.

They’re also really powerful as a sales tool, precisely because they don’t sell anything!

“Morning Luke,

It’s working! Previous newsletters produced maybe 1 response. Yours gave us a flurry – 16 responses gave me the opportunity to engage positively with them.

Others relayed their own stories. Loyal clients congratulated me on taking the time to write. Several have already started to book!”

Nathan Pascoe

Weekly Emails Client since February 2023

So, what happens next?

Luke will be in touch to arrange your kick-off call (if you haven’t already arranged this), and will then immediately get to work writing and sending your weekly emails.