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Discover the simple power of the One Percent Way…

Let me ask you a quick question…

What did you imagine running your own business would be like when you first started out?

Choosing your own hours? Doing something you truly love, and getting paid for it? Working with dream clients, and making good money?

And what’s the reality?

70 hour weeks? Problem clients? Problem staff? Paperwork and red tape? Yes, you’re making good money, but at what price? Your stress levels are sky-high, and your health is beginning to suffer.

You can’t remember the last time you didn’t work at the weekend, and the idea of taking a family holiday, two weeks in the sunshine, away from the business, brings you out in a cold sweat.

There has to be a better way.

There is. Let me tell you how I discovered it.

Are you going 100mph in the wrong direction?

My name’s John Lamerton. 

I’m a former civil servant who, fed up with his day job, decided to launch an Internet Marketing business way back in 2000. Before long, I was earning really good money – ten times my salary from the day job.

I started to dream about the kind of lifestyle I wanted – helicopters, supercars, a private yacht, a mansion in the country, and a skyscraper with my name on the side.  

(What an arsehole!)

And how was I going to achieve that lifestyle?

By working even harder, of course. By scaling up, and taking on more staff, more work, and more opportunities.

If I’m earning £150,000 a year working 40 hours a week on my own, from my spare bedroom, then imagine what I can earn working 100 hours a week, with a team of 15 members of staff each working 40 hours a week.

Sadly, the answer wasn’t the nice linear £2,625,000 that I was expecting (15 people, each bringing in £150k, plus a 150% increase in my output).

No, I earned less money. Not more.

I had more stress.

I got ill. I got fat. This is a photo of me, aged twenty-five. I was seventy pounds overweight. I smoked too much, I drank too much. I ate too much.


I worked too much.

I developed a nasty skin rash, and made an appointment with the hospital:

“Are you under any stress at all?”

Haha, yeah – just a little!

When it came to my business, and my lifestyle – I was driving at 100mph.

But I paid no attention to the direction I was heading, and didn’t even notice that the handbrake was still on – I just pressed the pedal to the metal, and thought that working harder and harder was the answer.

Then a three month old baby showed me that it wasn’t…

“I never really saw my kids much when they were growing up”


My eldest son Jack was born in 2009, and three months after he was born, I was sat in an MOT garage, waiting for my car to be ready. 

I had an hour to kill, and took a copy of Alan Sugar’s autobiography “What you see is what you get” with me to pass the time. I was hero-worshipping guys like Lord Sugar and Richard Branson – people who had built HUGE corporations, with hundreds of staff. 

I thought that what I really wanted was a B-I-G business, until I read one line in Lord Sugar’s book… 

“I never really saw my kids much when they were growing up.” 

That hit me like a bloody sledgehammer. There I was, a new dad, hero-worshipping a guy who didn’t spend any time with his kids. 

In that moment, I knew I’d got it all wrong.

What I REALLY wanted was to be there for my kids throughout their lives. I want to be the dad who’s there at every sports day, every assembly, doing the school run, and just playing with them and spending time with them – THAT’S what was important to me.

So I took the handbrake off, eased off the gas, and actually looked at my satnav for the first time.

I shut down several parts of the business. I closed two offices, and started working from home. I went from fifteen members of staff to just three.

I went part time a few months later, reducing my working hours from 100+ per week, down to 20 to 25 per week, allowing me to share childcare duties with my wife, do the nursery runs (and later school runs), and generally spend time with my kids during the most important part of their development.

And then something strange happened.

My profits went UP.

Despite working less, I was now earning more.

How was that possible?

By looking at my satnav. Knowing that I was reducing my hours by 80%, I decided to do some 80/20 analysis (also known as the Pareto principle), and figured that if I’ve only got 20% of the time available, then I should really spend it doing the 20% of tasks that actually bring home the bacon.

So things like checking stats, looking at emails, browsing social media, reading blog posts etc – all were dropped completely.

Leaving me free to focus on the tasks that actually bring the money in.

Now, I fully expected to earn less money when I went part time. 

I figured if I was doing the 20% of tasks that bring in 80% of the money (and ONLY doing those tasks), then I should earn 80% of the money I was from those 100+ hour weeks – only without the stress. And I was fine with that.

But that’s not what happened.

What happened, was my earnings went UP, not down. I actually earned 150% of my previous income rather than the 80% I was expecting.


Because I was ruthlessly focusing on the income-generating tasks – cutting out all the crap that just wastes my time, and saving that time for more important things – like family holidays, going to the gym, or spending time with my loved ones.

I’d discovered the One Percent Way.

What is the One Percent Way?


Could you grow your business by just 1% this week? That doesn’t sound too hard, does it?  

Well, if you could grow your business by just 1% every week, after 69 weeks, you’d have DOUBLED your business!

The One Percent Way uses the same “marginal gains” technique that the British Cycling Team used to turn a bunch of “also-rans” into world beaters, notching up forty-two medals in the last four Olympics, as well as winning six of the last seven Tour De France races.

Could you get 1% better at selling?

Increase your profit margins by 1%?

Be 1% more focused?

Do 1% more marketing?

Reduce wastage by 1%, and train your staff to be 1% more effective?

Tick off simple 1% improvements in your finances, mindset, daily routines, learning, networking, communications, copywriting, negotiation and people management?

Get 1% more people buying, spending 1% more money on 1% more items. Reduce your refunds or cancellations by 1%. Get customers taking upsells 1% more often, returning 1% more often, and referring 1% more of their friends.

Collect 1% more testimonials and 1% more reviews. Post 1% more often on Social Media with offers that are 1% better than what you’re doing right now.

The One Percent Way will show you EXACTLY how to implement these 1% gains into your business, and how they can stack up to REALLY grow your business.

Warning – This is NOT a “magic bullet”


I’m not a “guru”, and neither is Jason – my business partner, and partner-in-crime in the One Percent Club. But we have been running businesses together for almost two decades now.

One thing that really gets my goat is these online “gurus” who claim to have the “simple, 5-step” answer to your problems. And magically, the solution to your problem is always exactly what they’re selling!

The Facebook ads guy wants to sell you Facebook ads, the SEO chap says SEO is the answer. The lady selling LinkedIN courses makes you believe that her “simple formula” will somehow be the answer to your prayers, and the web designer says that your website is the key that will unlock all the profits you want.

It’s what my business hero Warren Buffett calls “Man with a Hammer” syndrome:

“To the man with a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.”

We’ve used many different techniques to grow our businesses over the last twenty years, including SEO, Google Ads, social media, Facebook Ads, email marketing, direct mail, networking, and websites.

But we’ve got no vested interest in selling you ANY of these services. The only thing we want is to help you design and build a business that gives YOU the lifestyle that YOU want. 

You won’t find any images of supercars, yachts or £10,000 watches in the One Percent Club. 

What you will find is a community of people who don’t work weekends, who are able to do the school runs, who have great family holidays, who are on course to retire early, or semi-retire.

People who LOVE what they do, and DO what they love.

They’re ambitious. They want to grow their business. And they’re not afraid of hard work.

You see – the One Percent Club is NOT a magic bullet. I don’t have a “simple 5-step system” that will magically transform your business, and ultimately, your life.

You can’t just join the One Percent Club and expect to be magically transported to a better place.

You are going to have to do some work.

Not “100mph in the wrong direction, with the handbrake on” work – but calculated, focused work that will keep your business moving in the right direction – to provide the lifestyle that you ultimately want.

But make no mistake – we’re not going to do the work for you. Guess who’s going to do the work?

Yep, you are.

The One Percent Club is a community of like-minded business owners, looking to grow their business, get more free time, and make more money – without just working harder.  

One Percenters want to be held accountable, they want focus, and they want structure. They understand that running a business can be lonely at times, and that hanging around with the right people is key.

But they don’t want to drive 100mph with the handbrake on.

If you’d like to take the handbrake off, and start growing your business in a less stressful way, then click below to become a One Percenter.

“I have thousands of ideas – and so I need someone like John and Jason to reign me in and focus on just one thing. John is down to earth and genuine. He’s so motivated! He has a positive outlook, and certainly doesn’t take any nonsense.

I need to start looking at expanding – taking it to the next level, and I’m glad the OPCC is there to help drive my business forward.”

Jo Lines - Ambition Property Group

What’s included?

  • Access to “The One Percent Way” – our unique system of more than two hundred and fifty “1% gains” that you could deploy in your business
  •  My “World Domination” planner – the ACTUAL tools that we’ve used to grow our own businesses, giving you the focus you need to get the right shit done – every day…
  • Monthly “Masterclasses” – Hour long seminars on topics like SEO, PR, Social Media, Email Marketing etc – to grow the business owner as well as the business.
  • 3 Coaching Calls per month – To help you with the burning issues in your business, give you clarity and learn from others.
  • Private Facebook Group – to give you support, accountability, and networking opportunities.

Access to ALL of our historical content – Coaching calls, podcasts, videos, Masterclasses, webinars, blog posts… literally the whole shebang!

How does it work?

Step 1: You join the One Percent Club here.

Step 2: We’ll start sending you the “One Percent Way” marginal gains via email.

Step 3: You’ll jump on coaching calls when you want to get targeted help.

Step 4: You’ll be able to log in and watch all the previous coaching calls, Masterclasses etc (It’s a bit like Netflix for business owners lol)

Step 5: You implement some of the strategies in your business.

Step 6: You start to see the benefits, and continue to learn, implement, and deploy.

Step 7: You live YOUR ideal lifestyle.

How much does it cost?

The One Percent Club is an investment of just £97 per month (including VAT), with a three-month minimum term.

If you would see £97 a month as a cost, rather than an investment, or if finding £97 a month is going to be tough, then the One Percent Club probably isn’t going to be for you.


Spending £80.83+vat per month to nail your business strategy, get a structured plan of what to do, be held accountable to actually DO that, be coached by John and Jason, hang around with like-minded business owners, and start stacking up those 1%  improvements in every corner of your business…

If that makes financial sense to you, then you might have what it takes to become a One Percenter!

Why do you only open the doors twice a year?

We open the doors to the One Percent Club in March and September every year. You are welcome to join the waiting list outside of this window, and we’ll let you know if and when any extra places become available.

The reason we do this is two-fold – firstly, it’s a proven model to drive more sales (a model which we’ll teach you step-by-step when you become a One Percenter), but chiefly, the main reason is that by only opening the doors twice a year, it allows us to focus 83.33% of our time, energy and effort into serving our existing One Percenters – NOT constantly prospecting for new ones.

The reason this page is full of testimonials from happy One Percenters? Because our main focus is looking after them, not touting for new business!

Is now the right time to join?

Often, when people are considering joining the One Percent Club, they’ll tell me that “it’s not the right time for me right now” – I fully understand this if you’re about to enter “silly season” in a seasonal business, or ready to embark on a round-the-world cruise.

But, if you’re just plodding along in your business, and hoping that things are going to magically change and get better six months from now, I would question whether “crossing your fingers and hoping for the best” is the best strategy to deploy over the next six months, as opposed to following a proven step-by-step model that hundreds of other business owners are using to grow their business and reclaim their lifestyles.

Sometimes people do not make changes in their lives because they have not yet hit rock bottom. A helpful question to ask yourself might be: “Do you feel bad enough now to make a handful of changes or would you rather wait until you feel even worse?”

I’m not looking to force anyone to join the One Percent Club, but you need to decide if you really do want your business to serve you, rather than the other way around. If so, then following the One Percent Way will get you there quicker, more reliably and painlessly than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

That being said, we only open the doors to the One Percent Club twice a year – in March and September. You can join the waiting list outside of these times, and we’ll let those on the waiting list know if and when additional places are available.

Putting my money where my mouth is – a UNIQUE guarantee


Hopefully, by now you’ll really get to understand why you might consider joining the One Percent Club.

Following the One Percent Way for the last ten years or so has allowed me and my family to enjoy my ideal lifestyle:

“To do what I want, when I want, where I want, how I want… if I want”

It’s what I’d ultimately wish for you and your family too.

Now Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I’m not about to promise you’ll treble your business in the next year as those pesky “gurus” would.

But I’m confident that the One Percent Way principles work to create a more effective, less stressful way of growing your business.

Really confident.

They’ve worked for me. They’ve worked for Jason. They’ve worked for hundreds of One Percenters.

And I believe they’ll work for you.

My belief is that strong, that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is (and risk taking food off my childrens’ plates!), and offer a rather unique guarantee:

“If you join the One Percent Club, and after three months, feel that your business and/or lifestyle isn’t in a significantly better place, then I’ll refund every single penny you’ve paid me.”

There’s just one caveat – you must have done the work. I’m not paying the price for your procrastination! As long as you’ve:

  • Attended at least five coaching calls.
  • Implemented at least five one percent gains.
  • Actively asked questions in our Facebook group.
  • Sought help for any issues before seeking a refund!


Then, I’m confident that you will be starting to see the results of your efforts within the first three months of your One Percent Club membership, and hopefully stay with us for years – many of our One Percenters have been with us since Day One, and I really hope to be helping you design your ideal lifestyle for years to come too!

I hope you’ll consider becoming a One Percenter.

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meet some of our one percenters!

The One Percent Club for me is about surrounding myself with the right people, I class them (my fellow One Percenters) as my group and I’m thinking I don’t really know them all personally but I’m listening to the right words rather than listening to a load of rubbish as I sometimes used to in the past, to be honest. 

Sometimes you can feel totally dejected and people close to you will criticise what you’re doing; you kinda go, how dare you! But then I just put my earbuds in, take the dog for a walk, go out, I’ve got a long drive, I listen to a podcast, or a coaching call, or a Masterclass, and then come out a completely different person because actually I’m listening to the words of people who are successful.

Don’t be scared of asking for help and admitting that you could do with a bit of help. Whether it’s the One Percent Club, or something else, you don’t know everything do you?

You can hear more of Jon’s story here.
Click me!

Jon Monks

Shepherd’s Walks

“For me, the One Percent Club is about continuous and never ending improvement. I turn up at every coaching call prepared with my pencil sharpened ready to take action.

It’s a very worthwhile investment. My attitude is, I waited months to get into the One Percent Club. I’m paying my money. I’m turning up. 

I’m making this a priority and I’m making sure that the ideas you put in front of me, that I hadn’t considered because I’m so busy in my own business, I take out and I implement as quickly as possible, because that gives me the most effective return on my investment of my time and my money that I spend with you guys every month.”


You can hear more of Elaine’s story here. Click me!

Elaine Colliar

Tony Buzan International

It’s always important to align yourself with people that have got similar values to you. The main reason I joined the One Percent Club was so that I could be closer to John and Jason, so that I could copy their business model and put that into my own business.

When I read John’s first book, I was like, “That’s how I want to run my business.”

The ambition is still there because Disneyland doesn’t come cheap, and neither do football lessons, and neither do dance lessons, gymnastic lessons, and martial arts lessons, they all come at a cost. So, the ambition is still there to grow the business and take it to the next level, but doing it on my terms rather than doing it on an 80 hour week.

(You can hear more of Jamie’s story here. Click me!)

Jamie Reeves

The Best Wedding Waiters

“It can be quite lonely in Spain. I’ve got friends in Spain, but I don’t have any business acquaintances and I think wherever you’re living, as a business owner it’s a lonely old place anyway. 

I needed somewhere to be able to actually be able to talk openly as a business owner, with people who are like minded, who understood what I was going through. I joined the One Percent Club a couple of years ago now and that’s been a really good thing for me because even though I’m in Spain, I’m still accessible to everybody if I need help or advice. 

I tell people how lucky I am to live here, but actually I’ve done 16 years of hard work to get to this point, so it’s like you know, is it luck or is it hard work?”

You can hear more of Tracy’s story here. Click me!

Tracy Irwin

Success by Numbers

“One of the good things about being part of the One Percent Club, is that you can ask some really random questions. I bet some people look at the questions asked, say and go, “This guys already got a successful business, why’s he asking this?”

Well that’s how you learn… I’ve always, always believed that I would rather look stupid one time and know how to do it, then not ask the question and be forever stupid. You get a lot from listening to a lot of different people. And you get even more by asking the questions.

I have to be honest, I was a bit sceptical at the start. I thought, “well, for what it costs, I’ll be able to pick the brains of Jason and John. And I’ll get some value that way.” But it turns out there’s actually loads more value to get – the coaching calls in particular are great.

Everybody in there is running a business and they’re all at different levels. No one really has an agenda and no-one’s out to sell you anything. You can simply ask “How’d you do this?”, and get a straight, honest answer.”

You can hear more of Clarke’s story here. Click me!

Clarke Duncan

Bee-All Design

“I have thousands of ideas – and so I need someone like John and Jason to reign me in and focus on just one thing. John is down to earth and genuine. He’s so motivated! He has a positive outlook, and certainly doesn’t take any nonsense.

I need to start looking at expanding – taking it to the next level, and I’m glad the OPCC is there to help drive my business forward.”

Jo Lines - Ambition Property Group

I really enjoy growing and learning. I’ve always understood the importance of having mentors and coaching and stuff like that. It’s helped us fast-track a number of bits within our business plans.

Just to be able to jump on a coaching call. I’ve got this problem, what do you think? Or, I want to do this, what’s the best way to approach it? That for me, that was probably the most important thing

It’s difficult when you’re in the day-to-day, I think sometimes, to see where you’re going wrong and where you can improve the routines and it becomes a bit of overwhelm and I can’t with this because that might happen or this could happen. And the whole load of ifs buts and maybes.
The One Percent Club cuts through that noise, and gives us a clear plan to follow and grow.”

You can hear more of David’s story here. Click me!

David Aggiss

Three Sixty Mortgages

“I have been attending One Percent Club meetings and mentoring sessions for the last two years, and can safely say that without their support I wouldn’t have taken the plunge and be where I am today.

The goals that John and Jason set me even helped me to win an all expenses paid ski trip with my family. Now I am aiming to buy a bigger family home in the next three years. John taught me that there’s no point setting a target unless it’s ambitious – and there’s no point in being ambitious unless it’s achievable.”

Dave Clewer - Mortgage Advice Bureau

“Two normal blokes from Plymouth” John and Jason have been working together, building businesses for over two decades!

They’re the anti-gurus with a strong dislike of psuedo business psycho-babble. Their no-nonsense, straightforward approach with relateable and valuable advice has won them followers from all over the world. They’ve helped hundreds of business owners improve their businesses and lives.

The King of Can-do and the ‘Lazy’ Entrepreneur have a mountain of knowledge they’re happy to share.

John released his first book “Big Ideas… for Small Businesses” in 2017, and it shot straight to the #1 bestseller list for Small Business and Entrepreneurship on Amazon, outselling books by Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Duncan Bannatyne combined.

Since then, it’s sold thousands and thousands of copies all over the world, and attracted more than 100 five-star reviews. But more importantly, it’s changed the lives of small business owners all over the world, who now understand that running a lifestyle business isn’t a bad thing.

I think you’ll like it…

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Plymouth, PL7 1ZN